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Custom Silicone Products Manufacturing

As one of China’s most reputable silicone OEMs & ODMs, JGL has been providing the highest quality products for businesses large and small around the globe.

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses every stage of a custom silicone product: from conception to design, molding, printing, and packaging – we do it all with unparalleled efficiency at unbeatable prices.

With our unmatched levels of expertise in manufacturing processes such as injection molding and compression rubber production, you can trust that your ideas will quickly become tangible returns on investment.


Take a look at our past designs and products.


We offer a wide range of customization options for you. Work with us to create unique and competitive silicone products.

silicone products customized colors

Support custom silicone products in bright colors and a wide variety. our premium colors are 98% Pantone-matched. Reach your audience and make a lasting impression with vivid silicone products that will retain their vibrant hue for years on end.

To ensure your project’s success, the right silicone rubber material is key. Our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision when it comes to raw materials selection – so that together we can elevate your product’s quality. As needed, special agents can be added during production for optimal performance and enhanced features of the silicone rubbers used.

custom silicone products manufacturing
Logo printing 495x400

Make your brand stand out with our customization methods. From silk printing to debossing, we have you covered! Our professional machines are designed for the best results: they guarantee perfect monochrome or multicolor logo prints that will add a unique flair and style to your silicone products.


For the perfect finish to your silicone project, let our advanced packaging options do the talking. Our durable materials and customization tools will ensure that customers get a standout product guaranteed to last even in harsh weather conditions. In addition, we offer a variety of multiple packaging materials for you to choose from.

silicone mold surface process

Give your silicone products a unique look and feel with options such as oil painting, matt surfacing, or gloss surfaces. With the right surface treatment applied, you can make an even greater impact on potential customers who appreciate the attention to detail.

Create the custom silicone product your brand needs – no matter its size. Our expertly crafted molds guarantee that each one possesses precise dimensions and thickness. Your desired design is guaranteed to live on long after production.



By leaving complex projects to a professional team, you will get an efficient, reliable service experience.

silicone products customized design 845x684

Products Design

Our team will be your first point of contact, ready to get a better grasp on your needs and provide exemplary design services and engineering support.

custom mold tooling for silione products

Tooling & Prototype

Manufacture of high-precision metal molds after thorough engineering evaluations available for prototype and mass production.

Silicone Products Manufacturing

Mass Production

According to the production schedule, the raw silicone material will be manufactured into a real product through precise molding, demolding, and post-curing processes.

silicone products quality control 1 845x684

Quality Inspection

We perform multiple rigorous tests throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the quality of the product meets expectations when it leaves the factory.

silicone product logo printing 845x684

Printing & Packaging

Print logos or customize packaging for your products on demand to enhance your brand influence. One-stop solution that eliminates the hassle of docking multiple suppliers.

silicone products packing shipping

Shipping & After Sales

Our fast shipping service guarantees that your products arrive safely, be it by sea or via courier. You can also rely on us for comprehensive support in case of any issues.

Products Design

When we receive detailed information about customer product requirements, our team will discuss them with customers and build CAD files according to the situation. Through digital model analysis, how to process and customize incoming samples, develop molds, and provide customers with reasonable and appropriate design solutions with quality, design, and performance.

We are also able to support you if you only have a new product concept/idea. Our team of designers has more than 10 years of experience in the silicone industry and is highly sensitive to the market. What we do best is to help our clients turn their abstract and complex ideas into reality a step by step.

products design process 2
newtop silicone tooling workshop 1 1030x579

Tooling & Prototype

After the drawings and designs are confirmed, we will develop the molds to build prototypes. The purpose is to verify and assist the customer in understanding the product’s characteristics.

To ensure that our silicone products are produced in the best possible way, we use advanced CNC and EDM to manufacture precision metal molds.

Our internal precision tooling shop can support flexible prototype modification requirements. At the same time, it can help you save the initial cost of the project and shorten the development cycle.

The tooling surface treatment process is one of how silicone products obtain special properties. JGL offers a range of tooling mold surface treatments to achieve this: from polishing and texturing to plating/coating or sandblasting.

Manufacturing Solution

Combining an effective production process with desirable materials results in top-quality products at affordable prices. At our automated molding plant, we have the resources and capability to take on even the most complex projects – no order is too big or small. We can efficiently meet your customized manufacturing needs with precision.

newtop silicone manufacturing comopany display 1 845x684

Compression molding offers less control over detail configuration such as corner radiuses and fillets but is more cost-effective and lead times are shorter than others methods.

Silicone compression molding 1 800x684

Injection molding provides higher accuracy in creating intricate silicone geometries but also costs more due to its extended curing cycle times.



The available molding methods include compression molding, injection molding, extrusion molding.


Our team of experts ensures that you get the most suitable production solution to maximize your benefits.


3 powerful horizontal machines provide unbeatable speed for large-scale production. This helps save valuable time.

12 Hours

Reply Within

24 Hours

Quotation Within

7 Days


2 Weeks

Mass production

Quality Control,Inspect To Every Detail

Our professional QC team will inspect all aspects of the products. Rest assured knowing quality control is our top priority.

Secondary Vulcanization is a process used to increase the strength, durability, and cleanliness of silicone rubber. This creates strong chemical bonds between molecules, as well as additional networks of molecules that are less likely to be weakened by temperature changes.

The finished silicone product is placed in a static oven for precisely controlled heating. In this process, most of the excess volatiles are disposed of. This technology is widely used in consumer silicone products.

NEWTOP implements a strict internal quality control system. The quality of the product is checked by trained technicians at each process step. Moreover, all details of your custom project are traceable throughout. This system helps us to create real-time and effective feedback on the quality of the product.

We are equipped with advanced instruments that are able to test the quality of our products in several dimensions. This comprehensive laboratory testing is conducted by skilled professionals to confirm that silicone products meet specifications including physical properties such as appearance, glass transition temperatures, tensile strength and density.

silicone products logo printing 1

Printing & Packaging

Logo customization is a great way to ensure that your product stands out! With silicone products, you can choose from 4 distinct methods available for imprinting logos on them. Making the most of this convenient opportunity ensures maximum visibility and engagement with potential customers.

  • Debossed / Embossed LOGO On Tool Mold Directly
  • LOGO Printing(Pad printing, screen printing, heat transfer)
  • Epoxy LOGO
  • Laser Etching / Engraving LOGO

From the initial design concept to fulfillment, our comprehensive custom packaging solutions help your business reduce costs and maximize return. We are dedicated to being a reliable resource for all of your product packaging needs from start to finish.

Our custom packaging includes paper boxes, printed labels, hangtags, barcode stickers, bags, PE/PVC boxes, etc.

Shipping & After Sales

With our reliable shipping partners, we have an established understanding of the various considerations around product market regulation and logistics. We are always ready to ensure your silicone products reach their destination safely.

Each shipment is tracked and delivered via courier services such as DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT with a typical transit time of 6-8 days. Should it be required, we can also arrange direct delivery to Amazon FBA warehouses.

We are committed to providing excellent quality products and customer service. In the unlikely event of any post-purchase issues, know that you can count on us to provide a fast and effective solution.

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Yes, we are a professional manufacturer, 20+ Years.
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Yes, free samples available.

15-20 working days after well received deposit and confirmed all of designs.

Yes, welcome to contact us of the details if you have interested to be local distribution of our products.


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