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Ice Cube Tray Wholesale Personalized Large

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Product Description

Ice Cube Tray Water Bottle Silicone Whiskey Mold Manufacturer

The humble ice cube tray is a simple yet essential household item that has been used for decades. It is a small plastic or metal container designed to make ice cubes, which are commonly used in drinks and cocktails to keep them cool.

Product Name 4-Cavities Silicone Ice Tray
Size 123mm x 123mm x 50mm
Colors Orange,Black,Blue,Light-blue,Pink,Green,Gray,Mint-green
Weight 174g
Package opp bag
Material Platinum Silicone
Sample Time 1-5 Days
Delivery Time 7-15 Working day

The ice cube tray has a simple design, with a series of small compartments or cavities that are filled with water and then frozen. Once the water is frozen, the tray is typically twisted or flexed to release the ice cubes. While many ice cube trays are made of plastic, metal versions are also available, which are designed to be more durable and long-lasting.

The ice cube tray is not only used to make ice cubes for drinks; it is also a handy tool in the kitchen for freezing small portions of food. For example, you can use an ice cube tray to freeze small portions of herbs, tomato paste, or broth, which can be easily added to recipes as needed. The tray’s small compartments are also useful for creating fun and creative ice cubes, such as ones infused with fruit or herbs, adding a unique touch to cocktails and beverages.

There are many different types of ice cube trays available on the market, including traditional ones with standard-sized cubes, as well as trays that make larger or smaller cubes. Some ice cube trays even come with lids, which helps prevent spills and allows you to stack them in the freezer without worrying about them sticking together.

Despite its simplicity, the ice cube trays has become a staple in many households and is an essential tool for anyone who enjoys cold drinks or likes to freeze small portions of food. Whether you’re hosting a party, enjoying a refreshing drink on a hot day, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, the trusty ice cube tray is always there to help keep things cool.

[Big Square Ice Cubes] – Our jumbo square molds creates 4 giant ice cubes . More than a novelty, big ice melts/dilutes more slowly, making them ideal for your Old Fashioned, Scotch, Bourbon or Blended Whiskey.
[Large Square Ice Cube Trays]- These square ice cube freezer trays create 4 giant ice cubes each one, more than a novelty, they melt/dilute more slowly, the large volume allows the ice to melts slower giving you an exquisitely prime chilled beverage. Great for Whiskey, cocktails, making popsicle, icing your coffee, or infusing fruit.Try infusing mint for that perfect strawberries for that delicious lemonade!
[Great Flexibility]- Our large ice cubes molds are made of silicone material. Silicone material is flexible and can restore immediately after being twisted. The material is environment-friendly, safe and clean, good for aging and stain resistance. It will not stick together with the ice cubes during the icing process and helps release the ice cube more easily.


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