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Blue Silicone Baking Mat With Measurements – Non Stick, Non Slip, BPA Free – Perfect for Rolling Dough & Pastry – Baking Supplies

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This silicone baking mat is BPA free and non-stick, providing a non-slip surface for rolling dough with measurements. It is an ideal baking supply for pastry making.


Measurements Silicone Baking Mat Rolling Dough Supplies

A measurements silicone baking mat is a versatile and practical kitchen tool that has become increasingly popular in recent years. These mats are designed to be placed on top of baking sheets, providing a non-stick surface that helps prevent food from sticking to the pan while it cooks. They’re commonly used for baking cookies, pastries, and bread, but can also be used for roasting vegetables, reheating pizza, or even rolling out dough.

One of the benefits of using a silicone baking mat is that it provides a more even baking surface than a traditional baking sheet. The silicone material distributes heat evenly across the surface of the mat, ensuring that food is cooked thoroughly and evenly. This can be especially helpful when baking delicate items that are easily burned or when trying to achieve a consistent texture across a large batch of baked goods.

Another advantage of silicone baking mats is that they’re reusable, making them a more environmentally friendly option than disposable parchment paper or aluminum foil. They can be washed and reused multiple times, reducing waste and saving money over time.

When it comes to measuring a silicone baking mat, it’s important to find one that fits the size of your baking sheet. Most baking mats come in standard sizes, such as half-sheet (11.6 x 16.5 inches) or quarter-sheet (8.5 x 11.5 inches), but it’s important to measure your baking sheet carefully to ensure a good fit. A properly sized mat will sit flat on the baking sheet and won’t curl up at the edges, which could cause food to cook unevenly.

Silicone baking mats are also available in a variety of thicknesses, which can affect their durability and performance. Thicker mats may be more durable and long-lasting, but may also take longer to heat up and cool down, which could affect baking times. Thinner mats may heat up more quickly and evenly, but may be more prone to tearing or warping over time.

Overall, a silicone baking mat can be a valuable addition to any kitchen, providing a non-stick surface for baking and roasting, as well as a more environmentally friendly option than disposable alternatives. When measuring for a silicone baking mat, it’s important to consider the size and thickness that will work best for your needs, as well as the overall quality and durability of the mat.

Product Name Silicone Baking Mat
Color Coffee
Size 50*40cm
Packing OPP Bag,Customized Bag
Logo Custom Logo Acceptable
Cerificate FDA LFGB
Net Weight 230g
Sample Time 1-5 days
Lead Time 7-15 days

100% Pure Food Grade Silicone; Stain-proof, BPA free and stick-resistant. Heat resistant silicone material, resists temperatures from -30°F to 470°F. Despite the baking mat being so soft,it is very durable and will serve you for years before you need a replacement.Non Slip Thicker Pastry Mat With Measurement: This baking mat has a . Made from silicone and fiberglass, the mat will not make your dough sticky. And it is thicker than others, good for the dough rolling, kneading, and cutting, easy to roll out the dough, pie, pizza, crust, cookie

KEEPS YOUR WORKTOP GOOD AS NEW: The non stick pastry mat will not make your dough sticky. It is much easy to roll out the dough, pie, pizza, crust, brand, homemade biscuits and cookie dough. A countertop protector that stays put and sticks perfectly to your worktop.
EASY TO CLEAN, Store and REUSABLE : Baking is almost always a messy business,but not anymore. Just clean the silicone baking mat with warm soapy water or place in the dishwasher. It can be stored rolled up or folded, occupying minimal space in a drawer or cupboard. It can Re-usable 2000+ times, if you use it carefully.


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