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At JGL SILICONE, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive and efficient mold and prototype manufacturing service for silicone products. Our focus is on optimizing mold productivity, streamlining the product development process, and enhancing the appearance and performance of our silicone products.



Our prototyping process begins with meticulous mold design, ensuring each product has high manufacturability. A well-crafted mold design contributes to superior part quality, and optimal cycle times, and maximizes the productivity of the mold, resulting in efficient and cost-effective production.

Our innovative “Micromold” technique, which allows us to produce real molded silicone prototypes within a short time frame (typically one week). This involves customizing a single-cavity metal mold for the prototype.

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Our in-house CNC machine shop streamlines the product development process by bringing your CAD drawings to life. Equipped with 3-axis CNC machines and milling machines, our facility enables rapid mold adjustments, shorter lead times, and reduced error rates. It also means any required mold adjustments are more affordable and faster compared to outsourcing.



Proper surface treatment of the mold is vital to ensuring silicone product quality, comfort, appearance, corrosion resistance, and overall tool performance and lifespan. At JGL SILICONE, we employ a range of widely-used mold surface treatments during product development.


  • Polishing for smooth surfaces
  • Texturing for patterned surfaces
  • Plating or coating for added protection
  • Sandblasting for improved appearance and the removal of imperfections
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Our extensive expertise spans various molding techniques, including compression molding for cost-effective, high-volume production; injection molding for complex and intricate parts; over-molding for enhanced durability and aesthetics; and extrusion molding for the creation of continuous profiles and long components.

At JGL SILICONE, we combine these advanced molding methods with our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction, ensuring your silicone products are tailored to your requirements and exceed your expectations.


In order to provide the best silicone products and custom services possible, we need some specific information about your project.We guide you step by step until the product is manufactured and delivered.

Please fill out the standard contact form on the right, this will help us respond to your request faster and it will be sent directly to the team.We will respond to your needs as soon as possible.

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